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About Communications Litigation Today

Communications Litigation Today is the one-stop intelligence resource for litigators, corporate counsels, regulators and other communications law professionals in the telecom, tech and media industries. We provide daily, at-a-glance coverage of impactful cases, plus detailed reporting, context and independent commentary on decisions with national implications.

Our focus areas include:

Disputes arising from section 332 of the Federal Telecommunications Act.
Legal developments affecting infrastructure development and funding, including national broadband, small cell wireless, 5G, universal service and affordability requirements
Right of way challenges and disputes
TCPA and robocall enforcement activities and appeals
Challenges to Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act governing liability for third party content
Precedent-setting disputes regarding local infrastructure such as pole-attachments and franchising rules
State AG and DOJ investigations, legal actions and enforcement related to telecom, privacy, social media and more.
Federal litigation involving the FCC, including proceedings at the DC circuit and other U.S. appeals courts

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WCN newsletters include Communications Daily, International Trade Today, Export Compliance Daily, Consumer Electronics Daily, Communications Litigation Today and Trade Law Daily, among others. Warren also publishes specialized reports and market studies. Its products and services are available in a variety of electronic formats.

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